Dream Journal

Curiosity in a Tent

Notice that my rat Tip can get under the door. This is still a concern as he hasn’t integrated with his brother.

A YouTuber I follow, Jenny N. is in a tent off to one side (treated as a room). I watch her check her “isis”, which is located between the labia and vagina. I can see the circle ring of teeth — but don’t note it as special. Hope I don’t get caught watching and called a perv by people outside. Genuinely just checking in on her and curious.

Later I’m waiting on the ground floor in a twilight atrium space, one of those malls that are like a long corridor. While I’m there, they close a store that does trainings. So I get escorted through the mall for a long way through “closed-off” territory. It’s a tile-floored ramp that seems familiar now.

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