Dream Journal

Coastline of Mirror SF

Southeast corner of San Francisco, but mirrored SF. This corner faces the ocean. I’ve never been here and it’s called the Suicide Coast as that’s where they used to send you for rehab if you tried it. In the distance I can see an art museum that’s expanding, the foreground has an abandoned lumber mill and an old church. I’m with Lynae, and we flash-uncover a playground overgrown with vines. There’s an overhanging wooden structure where we talk. Lynae is coming off from drugs and she says she’s going to have a cigarette. I ask her how long her Implanon has been in; since February 2014, she says. There’s two kids I see out a window in the back; I convince one to fall over and play dead. Nearby, there is a lake, which may be a lagoon, and just over the Daly City border they’ve built a golf course. There is an interesting island that looks geologically painted out in the lagoon.

I’m not me… I’m ditching school as someone else, when I get a vision meant for Aislinn. It’s a blue LED candle floating slowly away while the rest of the world fades. I buy Ais lunch but end up eating it myself and putting it in a trash an as me and someone ride away on a carriage.

I’m in my room in the front of the house in Cathedral City. I lean out the window and knock on the front door as a joke, to get one of my parents to answer it when no one is around.

I’m in music class and I’m told there’s a percussion instrument I’ve never played, something like a bell set called a Xenia.

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