Dream Journal

Climbing a Telephone Pole

I was climbing up a telephone pole (or maybe just hanging out on it), a dirty old rusty one. A group of people passed underneath me on the sidewalk, including a woman who was the voice an animated rabbit when she was a girl. I couldn’t tell if they were aware of me or not. In retrospect, I might have been some sort of animal.

Meanwhile, in “another window” of awareness, I was watching a tutorial on road construction in SimCity. There was a hack where you could draw a 9×9 road grid, with diagonal extensions, connect grids together, then erase the parts you didn’t want — this would create a road in any shape. As the tutorial finished I heard the commentary of a landscape architect, saying this would help with playground design for years to come, and a saw a circle bisected by a path, with an even number of termini on top and odd on bottom. The conversing group, by this point, had passed. I didn’t notice the layers of experience operating at the time.

The voice actress had been a part of another dream where I was inside a trailer of sorts, actually a rail carriage. Smooth glossy white surfaces, cabinets on three walls with an unused shelf-ledge above each. The railway made a 90-degree left turn at some point. It was my family’s space (in some sense). Earlier, at the station, I had just barely made the train. I was the last on.

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