Dream Journal

Class Nominee, Spinny RV, Mom’s Fuzzy

In a big crowd of people, perhaps a college class, I am picked as the designated something. Despite not understanding the job, I’m a very good sport about it, and proceed to give the thumbs up gesture spinning around in all directions, to great cheers.

Sitting upslope a large lake. Perhaps facing east. I watch as I shift the view… the lake rotates. I watch a three-story RV drive energetically through the crowd. It changes to a moving van and drives down the slope into the lake. I think it might be amphibious, but instead it tips forward and sinks into the water. The driver escapes and we have a moment of commiseration.

I see my mom as she was in her last days. We have a chance to say goodbye. There are specific instructions as to what blankets she wants when she passes. I look through a closet and there it is, a wide thick cream-colored fuzzy traditional top cover. It’s a rental and so can be used by others and we won’t have to hang onto it forever.

In the closet there’s also a sheepskin (that may have been mine) that is reddish-bronze colored, and mostly armor anyways. There is fur on the flanks and flaps that would cover the sheep’s eyes. It’s small, perhaps for a lamb.

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