Dream Journal

Dream of Cats in a Cafe, Car Out-of-Control

Visiting cafe with Lynae, have the two cats Katie and Aloysius with us. Lynae humorously insults how liberal the cafe is, a little too loudly for my taste. The barista is having a conversation with an older bald guy near the far wall about him taking LSD. Katie is climbing the brochure board behind the barista. When it’s time to go, I herd Katie into a cat carrier inside a larger cat carrier, then Aloysius goes inside on top of that one. Departing the cafe, making my trip to get the truck, I also end up carrying Patrick wrapped around my leg. He seems younger, but distraught and disheveled. I heft them all in the backseat (the cats are immediately all over the place). While I’m leaning into the driver’s seat area the truck begins moving forward uncontrollably. I have to steer away from the cafe where Lynae still waits, into the parking lot, and hoist myself into the seat with the car lurching forward.

The car is stuck in forward, and the the streets of San Francisco are mostly arranged hexagonally. I’m diverted away from my path back up to the cafe and instead keep going down (the area is reminiscent of Diamond Heights). Beautiful trees and houses, and some steep, sharp, unguarded cliff turns. I’m able, near the bottom of a canyon, to swerve the truck into a fishtail and get pointed back toward the cafe.

In another dream, Lynae’s laptop is a silvery flat rectangle that looks like mine, but is thicker. It’s our way of keeping them apart.

In a much earlier dream, I’m driving for Munchery and have to pause my deliveries in their garage. My sparkplugs are overheated. The brand name is Reese’s, like the candy, and they are similarly colored orange. This seems sensible cross-marketing in the dream, if something I’d never heard of before.

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