Dream Journal

Battle of Champions, Dad Doubles, Copacabana Clock

Fight between two champions, Denethor and Bison. Bison is big muscular guy who is hesitant. Denethor grabs spears but is defeated when Bison impales his leg with a sword, then another, then uses a hot spear to melt them through, then separates Denethor’s head to show him the wounds. Very brutal.

Circus show that uses a trailer that folds. It’s full of horses, which come off the trailer, and somehow become elephants on the beach where their audience sits. The elephants are blocked by black brontosaurs.

I am passing my dad, who waylays me on the way to somewhere. He talks to my doppelgänger too, and I understand this to be a delicate situation. As he recognizes me, I look him in the eyes and say “doubles” knowing it is the most respectful way to acknowledge us.

I am in a pool that uses white Armani tiles. In the far corner, away from two old women, I toss a towel onto one of the poolside chairs. There is a conical grandfather clock made of leather that I open up. It is 4 o’clock, and sunset. This is somewhere near the equator possibly in Brazil… Copacabana, Veracruz.

Copacabana is a neighborhood that I can view from up on the hillside where this pool is. There are a number of clubs, and I hear in my mind complicated music that experiments shifting with 4/4 time.

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