Dream Journal

5 Dreams and an Exercise

A computer setup outside, with a large monitor (F.O.B.F. Monitor) and little lamp to light up the space. Multiple music stands placed behind the desk, next to window. Could be a Canadian spy.

Large TV that had VHS tapes you could put in the base. Mom (or dad?) was acting up and yelling and I slapped them, they seemed surprised but satisfied, like I’d done what I was supposed to do.

Miners loft filled with junk in rocky valley, difficult to find good map route to it. Somewhat next to log cabin.

Angel Island octopus can shape it’s body into jet, fly around and confuse people. When the water is dark it glows.

Old Arabic man with a ladder is trying to clean his house, ends up scraping the walls up and damaging it (house on Kemper ct.).

As an exercise, I was awake for a long time during the night asking questions and trying to answer them the wrong way.

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