Dream Journal

Four Dreams Recalling Youth (and one Premonition)

Walking with Lauren through the streets of Cathedral City. I watch traffic pass by and have that strange familiar feeling of “this is really happening” even though it’s not as profound as it used to be. I watch a man riding in the back of a pickup truck stop and slide out. He gives me a ride, but Lauren is nowhere to be found. He drives past the intersection where I am going, the office of housing. He’s driving offroad in the desert.

A game of basketball played between two teams of school age kids. The ball comes to me, and I’m within range to take a shot. Two other of my teammates have already tried and failed, and I know I will try and fail also.

Housesitting for my dad, I’m in my parents bedroom in Cathedral City. But my mom has already passed away. My dad keeps a slideshow of her going from the funeral on a very small old fuzzy TV screen. The bathroom feels empty with its two sinks.

Flop walks up next to me and I noticed that his hair has started to fall out… that his skin underneath is black and wrinkly. I’m forced to admit that he must be sick, possibly cancer, and I need to take him to the vet.

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