Dream of a Friend’s New Place

Aislinn is moving into a new place and asks me to help. It’s a former stripper or sex worker’s house and they played Magic cards. On the table are sealed little plastic tubs with the Magic creatures in them.

The room I’m in, probably the living room, is heavily sloped so that it’s only about 4 feet at the far side. I’m painting that wall purple. I open the front door for some reason and practically bump into a standoffish male neighbor. There’s confusion for me about whether I’m supposed to lie and say I’ll be living there, then later have to pretend we broke up or something. As I’m trying to congenially chat him up I attempt to grab the front doorknob only to find that there isn’t one on the inside. The neighbor became gruff, I looked and I’d simply missed grabbing the knob.

Walking around a swimming pool I watch as someone’s kid seems to be struggling. They’re on the bottom of the pool and their parent is right there, so I hesitate to rescue them. I preemptively take my shirt off anyways.

“So then we’re talking about a tribe of primitive vegans?” Just a glimpse of an earlier dream. That dream reminded me of one from another night a long while ago, walking around in a dessicated swamp in the outback, having been dropped off by a bush plane.

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