About Me

Who is this “you” person, anyway?

My chosen name is Orin Robertjohn Zebest. My née name was “Robert John La Londe-Berg” but is no longer my legal name. Use that if you want to. My good friends “the homeslices,” otherwise known as The Homepie, call me Billy.

There’s a story behind that — and you can ask them if you want to. They live in Palm Springs, where we all grew up. Well… where we were all bored and self-amusing teenagers. They live there in a big house and I live here in San Francisco, in a much-apportioned-but-not-so-big apartment. I’m the one that has all the internet skills, and I’m the one that has the discipline to blog (sort of).

Incidentally, this is not a blog; it is a Glot. Glot is what it is. Read more if you must. I don’t write often, although sometimes I do. I write about a great number of things: some personal, some reflective, some reactive, some rantive, some radioactive, some are really just sort of silly. My topics are of my own choosing. My choice is to discover some topics. In other, more conceptual terms: this site exists as no more than an edification to the intrinsic value of highly individual perceptions, and that individual happens to be myself, Orin. If that sentence makes sense, congratulations, you’ve won the chance to write me an email.

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